FER - Funny emails received

All funny single pictures

Are you lost ?psAre you lost ?
Check the map

World map on four legspsWorld map on four legs
Where is the north

Why ET has a long neck ?psWhy ET has a long neck ?
After a in depth scientific study the secret is revealed

Best buggy for all wheaterpsBest buggy for all wheater
confortable and practical at any times

General Bill GatepsGeneral Bill Gate
and the Microsoft army

Oversized penispsOversized penis
very, very big and hairy

Shortcut, parking or escalatorpsShortcut, parking or escalator
Your choice...

The best job at the circuspsThe best job at the circus
but you have to be strong !

An elephantpsAn elephant
after an very urgent big job

Water skiing american stylepsWater skiing american style
Extreme sport

Water skiing vietnam stylepsWater skiing vietnam style
Extreme sport

Swiss army knifepsSwiss army knife
Russian army knife

Golf CoursepsGolf Course
The 19th hole

For golf addictspsFor golf addicts
never lose an opportunity

Toilets for invalid in wheelchairpsToilets for invalid in wheelchair
follow the arrow

Oh dear, if you are gonna pad your brapsOh dear, if you are gonna pad your bra
with kleenex, take them out of the box first !

Create a new passwordpsCreate a new password
Sorry your password is...

Sorry our computers are downpsSorry our computers are down
we have to do it manually

Attention dangerous pathpsAttention dangerous path
for wheelchair users...

Silence - HospitalpsSilence - Hospital
Please don't make noise

Caution, beware...psCaution, beware...
You won't believe it !

How long, or short...psHow long, or short...
is your big John

Do you need a ladder ?psDo you need a ladder ?
Yes, not one but twelve

Your are fired Jack,psYour are fired Jack,
you tested positive...

We don't have any oil ?psWe don't have any oil ?
Do we ?

Lavatory - Instruction manualpsLavatory - Instruction manual
What is forbidden

Extreme sportpsExtreme sport
Not for faint hearted

Honey please, just calm down.psHoney please, just calm down.
Let me explain...

The Human evolutionpsThe Human evolution
Something went wrong

I said sit, you IdiotpsI said sit, you Idiot
dog training went wrong